A Picturepark user can be deleted. To delete a user from a Picturepark open the Main Menu / Users. You can delete a user by selecting the user and using the remove icon () or you can right-click on the user and select the icon in the context menu or in the user detail view.

A deleted user will not be notified that they have been deleted and their identity server account will not be affected.

On the deletion of one or multiple users who hold ownership in Picturepark you will be asked to select another user that will then take over ownership of their items. Those users that are deleted that do not own anything in Picturepark are shown at the bottom of the list in the Delete Users window or deleted automatically if all the users that are being deleted have no ownership. It is also possible to select one user as the new owner to replace all of the owners that are being deleted. Only users that have more or the same amount of the following user role permissions as the deleted user will appear in the dropdown for selection. Please note deleted users will not appear in the list, however those under review or locked will:

  • manage content

  • manage shares

  • manage schemas

  • manage permission set

  • manage roles

Multiple users can be deleted at a time in the Users menu. Simply select the users you wish to delete and then click on the trash icon.