Images are available in Picturepark in various different formats. These formats differ from one another, amongst other things, by their size, resolution or colour space. The purpose of these different formats is that the images are available in appropriate formats for different areas.




You can link images that are in a PDF document through links/mappings directly with the original image in Picturepark.  PDF documents are visualised page by page in the preview. The whole text of a PDF file is indexed and can be searched with the full-text search.




Office Documents (Word-Documents, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets) can all contain links/mappings. I.e images used in Office documents can be directly linked with assets in Picturepark.

Furthermore, for multiple page Office documents an own preview is generated for each page. The whole text of an Office file is indexed and can be searched with the full-text search



Preview for Office documents

The preview of Office documents in Picturepark is dependent upon the definition of the print area in office for the corresponding document.




The single slides of presentations can be managed in the detail view. This makes it possible to centrally manage Powerpoint templates and if desired combine these into new presentations. The single slides of a presentation can be assembled in the baske and downloaded as a complete presentation.

The entire text of a PowerPoint file is indexed and can be searched.




Multimedia files such as movies or audio files can be viewed and listened to directly in Picturepark. The detail view of multimedia assets includes a player for playing the multimedia files. You can now also create cue points for video formats.