Individual and multiple assets can be made available in a portal or individually via links. There are various options available:



  • Email:The assets are displayed in a portal. The link to this portal can be sent via email directly from Picturepark to the desired recipients.
  • Link: You can create links to a portal or single assets, which can then, for example, be integrated into websites, newsletter etc.


There are various settings available for each sharing:


  1. Add your subject here (is only used for the "email" type and portal links)
  2. Enter your message text (is only used for the "email" type and portal links)
  3. Selection of a template that should be used for the portal. Templates define sort order and design of the portal for available elements such as title, message and asset list. This selection field only appears once more than one template is available.
  4. Selection of the mailing language. System specific texts in emails and portals are then shown in this language.
  5. Selection of an expiry date for the sharing. Once the expiry date has been reached you can no longer access the assets in the sharing. If a sharing should not expire then you can select  "Unlimited accessibility". .
  6. An overview of all the assets contained in a sharing is shown in the lower part of the window. You can change the sort order of the asset here via drag & drop. This sort order is then taken over for the sharing portals.