Calling the Function

The reporting function can be called using various methods:

  • over the asset browser - after calling the function you can select if all or only the selected assets should be included in the report


  • by right-clicking on a category - all the assets in the category are included in the report


  • using the basket - all the assets that are in the basket are included in the report



There are various methods available for the metadata export:

  • HTML file: A HTML table is generated with the selected metadata. With this method the possibility exists to also add thumbnails to the list.
  • Excel/CSV file: With this method an Excel or CSV file that can be downloaded is generated. This method is particularly suitable when data is going to be processed further. The field separator, with which the metadata are separated, can be defined when using the CSV file as method.
  • Template with selected assets for later Excel- or CSV metadata import: Export of specific asset metadata which can be edited locally in Excel and then re-uploaded. This allows the simple updating of metadata in Picturepark by using a Excel or CSV file


The additional option category translations to excel file is available if an export is carried out on a class or a category. The selection of export as Excel or CSV file is available, whereby for CSV files the desired field separator can be selected. In the export the name and description of the container, on which the export is being carried out, as well as the sub containers are listed. For a global export carry the report out on the "All" node.




The desired metadata can be added to the list on the right by selecting the corresponding checkboxes.  The sort order of the metadata can be changed via drag & drop. The metadata export is generated with a click on generate.