When it is necessary to change the IP address of the SQL server in an on-site PP setup there are a number of settings that must be modified to incorporate the new IP.

Though many settings will use the FQDN, Picturepark will resolve the address to its IP in its connection strings.

You will need to update these with the new IP in the following locations:

1. In the GM Settings>Settings Values>ConnectionString

2.In the .config files for the PP components in the Application folder on the server, typically" C:/Program File/VIT/..." 

   a. PP.Core.Facade/Configuration/ConnectionStrings.config

   b. PP.Workflow.Service/Configuration/ConnectionStrings.config

   c. PP.UI.Web/Configuration/ConnectionStrings.config

   d. PP.UI.Web.GlobalManager/Configuration/ConnectionStrings.config

You will need to edit these files with the WWW and PP services stopped and with your editor run as Administrator

You will also need to make sure that outside of PP that your DNS or Host files are updated as well.