Picturepark has a reduced image editing function that is available for use called "Conversion". You can read more about this function here: https://vit.picturepark.com/Help/en/index.html?conversion.htm. In order to make use of this feature the following requirements need to be met:

A derivative is selected to be used for conversion in the management console (https://vit.picturepark.com/Help/en/index.html?management_console.htm) select the derivative you wish to use for conversion and check the checkbox "use for conversion". We recommend using a derivative that is not too large (for performance reasons when the image loads in the conversion window) or too small but fits the purpose most closely of what the majority of your users will most likely be using the conversion for.

Users have rights to the feature via their User Group. These rights can control how much flexibility you would like to give a user when editing an image. You can find descriptions of what each user right allows next to each option directly in the management console under "User rights" as described here under "User Rights" as "Asset Conversion" https://initial.picturepark.com/Help/en/index.html?groups_and_rights.htm.

Kei double check and add rights to derivative used for conversion also check edit rights asset or not and create new assets.

Special Cases:

Overwrite Original

To prevent Picturepark from overwriting the original asset without giving you the option to use the "Default Historize Original" for the version types , the user rights must be set to also allow "Conversion without presets". 

This enables the user to create a historic version or to overwrite the asset with the converted asset otherwise the original asset will be overwritten without any warning.