If you have uploaded a file and you do not see a thumbnail or preview, please consider the following: 

If an asset’s preview or thumbnail is not appearing, you can choose the Repair option to fix it. (Click image to enlarge.) 

  1. Depending on the load on the server being used to render previews and thumbnails for your Picturepark, it might take some time after a new file is added before you can see a thumbnail or preview. 
  2. If after a few moments you can still not see a thumbnail or preview for the asset, you can try the Repair option in the Asset Detail window. Note that access to this option is governed by user rights/permissions. (see image) 

Note: If you’re uploading a file for which Picturepark will not render a thumbnail or preview, it’s possible that the format is not currently supported or that there might be a problem with the file. Please send the file to Picturepark for testing. Or, if it’s too big for email (> 10 MB), tell us the Asset ID number, which you’ll find at the bottom of the Asset Detail window. (see image)