With the release of version 8.8.4 a browser check was established as there were multiple issues due to the fact that some users were using an unsupported browser. The browser check was also requested by many customers and was implemented as a feature. 

If you see this site even though you are using Internet Explorer 9 or higher please check your document compatibility (compatibility view). To do this open the developer tools with the F12 key or select it in the settings over the gear wheel symbol. In the window on the right, the document mode must not be lower than 9. It is recommended to use Edge (Internet Explorer 11).

Internet Explorer 11:

Internet Explorer 10:

Internet Explorer 9:

Please ensure that, after you have made this change, you reopen the Picturepark page again and do not just just refresh the site. Should the behaviour persist or if you still have to change the settings for every new session, please contact your IT department to check if the URL of your Picturepark is possibly loading through domain policy settings in an older compatibility mode. Picturepark does not have any influence over this. You can find further information about Picturepark supported browsers here: https://vit.picturepark.com/Help/en/index.html?browser_compatibility.htm

An indication that your browser loads the site through domain policy settings can be found in the developer tools. You will see a HTML 1203 error with the text "[yourpictureparkdomain] has been configured to run in Compatibility View through Group Policy.". Example in German:

More codes, which due to an incorrect mode are: HTML1200, HTML1201, HTML1202, HTML1203, HTML1204

You can find more information about these codes here: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh180764(v=vs.85).aspx

If a link is opened from a Word/Excel or PowerPoint document, the error message will be displayed automatically, because these programs use a "pre-load" of the embedded hyperlink in the IE7 mode, which will be classified as outdated by the browser check. This behavior also appears in Chrome, Opera, Firefox etc. As a workaround you can either copy the link and paste it in the browser manually or save the document as a PDF. We are checking, if this behavior can be changed. This also applies to the Office Connector and the generation of Dropbox Workflow tokens in the PPMC.

This article covers the following error message:

Dear customer

If you are currently using Microsoft Internet Explorer for surfing in the web it will only be possible to access Picturepark with Internet Explorer 9 or higher. It is recommended that you use Internet Explorer 10or a newer version of it.

If using the Internet Explorer 9 or higher and nevertheless seeing this page please check the document mode (compatibility mode). If this is not the case or if you are not sure, please open the developer's toolwith F12 or alternatively click on the track wheel  in the top right corner of your browser. In the new window's top right section select 9 or higher but Edge (Internet Explorer 11) is the preferred choice regarding performance and displaying.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact support@picturepark.com.

Thank you very much.

Geschätzter Kunde

Falls Sie für das Surfen im Internet Microsoft Internet Explorer verwenden, ist der Zugriff auf Picturepark nur noch ab Internet Explorer 9 möglich. Wir empfehlen Ihnen Internet Explorer 10 oder höher zu verwenden.

Sollten Sie Internet Explorer 9 oder höher verwenden und dennoch diese Seite sehen, überprüfen Sie bitte die eingestellte Dokumentkompatibilität (Kompatibilitätsansicht). Dazu öffnen Sie das Entwicklertool mit der Taste F12 oder wählen es im Browserfenster oben rechts über das Zahnrad-Symbol  aus. Im Fenster oben rechts darf die Dokumentkompatibilität nicht auf weniger als 9 eingestellt sein, zu bevorzugen istEdge (Internet Explorer 11).

Bei Fragen wenden Sie sich bitte an support@picturepark.com.

Vielen Dank.

Cher client

Si vous utilisez Microsoft Internet Explorer pour surfer sur le Web, l'accès au Picturepark est seulement possible avec les versions ultérieures à Internet Explorer 9. Nous vous recommandons d’utiliserInternet Explorer 10 ou supérieure.

Lorsque vous utilisez Internet Explorer 9 ou supérieure et vous voyez cette page quand même, veuillez contrôler tout d'abord la compatibilité des documents réglée (mode de compatibilité). Pour ceci ouvrez lesoutils de développement sur la touche F12 ou dans la fenêtre du navigateur en haut à droite en cliquant sur l'icône en forme d’engrenage . Vérifiez la compatibilité des documents réglée n'est pas moins que 9 dans l'angle supérieur droit de la fenêtre. Edge est préférable concernant la performance.

Si vous avez des questions, vous pouvez contacter support@picturepark.com.

Merci beaucoup.