If you try to download multiple assets with similar titles, you will receive the error message below. 


Error message:

An item with the same key has already been added.

Please verify your action/entries and try again! If this error shows up again then please contact your locally responsible person first. In case of no timely solution please send the information below to

Bitte überprüfen Sie Ihre Aktion/Eingabe und versuchen Sie es erneut! Falls der Fehler wiederholt auftritt, kontaktieren Sie bitte zuerst Ihren lokalen System-Verantwortlichen. Sollte sich keine Lösung ergeben, senden Sie bitte die untenstehenden Information komplett

Veuillez vérifier vos actions/données et essayez de nouveau s.v.p.! Si le problème se pose encore nous vous prions d’abord de contacter votre responsable local du system. Si vous ne recevez pas une réponse à l’heure nous vous prions d’envoyer tous les informations ci-dessous à


If multiple files are downloaded at the same time, they will be packed in a ZIP file. With this file format the assets get compressed, so that the donwload won't be too big. The downloaded assets appear in a single folder, after you unzipped the ZIP file. The error message is displayed, as soon as there are multiple assets have the same title, as multiple assets with the same title cannot exist in one folder.


Solution for normal users: For users there are two different workarounds. The first one is, to select the assets and download them separately. To avoid the error message in the future as well, it is recommended to search for same named assets and rename them (as example "asset_name_1" and "asset_name_2").

Solution for administrators: You can find the download settings for single assets in the management console under the menu download settings. To make sure, that there won't be any similar named assets in a download, you can add e.g. the asset Id behind the title. Please note, that you make the changes under "Single file download". The part "Multiple file download" defines the name of the downloaded ZIP file and does not affect the names of the downloaded assets.